BUY THE SLICE Pizza is a new player in the restaurant industry.  The restaurant will be located in one of Atlanta’s comfortable, familiar, small side of town that has a strong need for additional dining options.  Bolstered by the need for more choices in family-oriented dining experiences, combined with the option for take-out, the restaurant is positioned to take advantage of the market need and serve the families in the Atlanta area.



Atlanta's population is rapidly growing with new subdivisions and young families moving to the rural suburb of the Atlanta area.  It is BUY THE SLICE Pizza’s strategy to exploit the first-mover opportunity and establish itself as the preferred pizza provider to the area.  We believe a locally-owned restaurant is the best option to serve the rapidly growing population with a fresh, unique menu as opposed to a national chain franchise.



This business plan calls for an exciting, profitable start-up year ahead with future fore casted growth as we meet the demands of the community.  In all, this plan describes a healthy company with good growth prospects, looking to manage its orderly growth in the near future.




BUY THE SLICE Pizza creates a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for customers in a well-designed and productive environment in which people can work happily.  We are sensitive to the look and taste of good pizza as well as to high-quality ingredients.  We look to provide the best possible value to our customers who desire great tasting pizza and to provide customers with the satisfaction of receiving a great value, both tangibly and intangibly.



Our customers are our neighbors as we are residents of our market area.  We will also create and nurture a healthy, creative, respectful, and fun working environment, in which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the product we produce.  We seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their investment and risk.